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Hyundai S.U.V

Smart Utility Vehicle


This is about a paradigm shift generated in terms of the interior space of car as internal combustion engines turned into Electric vehicles.
On the assumption that we are entering an era where what we do inside the car matters, rather than where we go, numerous newly available functions have been presented.

With this project, we have been able to produce videos with the concept of American style cartoons while getting away from the conventional way of creating typical 3D videos, and these videos were well received by insiders.

Due to security concerns, we uploaded captured images of the video.

2017_0623_Hyundai Post Suv.wmv_20190311_200055.546
2017_0623_Hyundai Post Suv.wmv_20190311_200119.718
2017_0623_Hyundai Post Suv.wmv_20190311_200134.720
2017_0623_Hyundai Post Suv.wmv_20190311_200221.893
2017_0623_Hyundai Post Suv.wmv_20190311_200243.488
2017_0623_Hyundai Post Suv.wmv_20190311_200255.225