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About us

We are spoonize

We specialize in media branding

Spoonize designs thoughts and feelings through media and communication.

Spoonize offers new possibilities with free imagination and systematic strategy.

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Spoonize :

Spoon is a necessary tool that we can adapt for various purposes.
Spoonize means to function as a spoon for every visual element and to look at everything with a fresh perspective.



Visual content for any companies or brands is the basic medium through which they can communicate their identities to the public.

Therefore, brand identity should be presented in all kinds of media under a specific and consistent strategy.

Based on motion graphic technology that satisfies the need for distinct and high-quality design,

Spoonize gives a competitive edge to our clients through new and unique design.

Spoonize aims to create powerful visual contents and effective communication through strategic and insightful approach.


Producing media-related contents by combining design and other diverse elements.

Developing strategic brand identity.


Communication strategy consulting, contents development
and production related to branding for business enterprises,
products and television channels.


-Media Branding Strategy
-TV Channel Branding Strategy
-Motion Graphic / Animation / 2D / 3D Film
-Promotion / Exhibition / Graphic / UI / UX Design